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Gambling attracts thousands and millions of the lovers to try out own luck. While some of the players are afraid of losing money, others win jackpots. Everyone has own strategy and gambling manner, and there is no guess, which one may be more lucrative. However, you are able to improve your gambling experience at 7 Gods Casino. Choose among thousands of games the ones with the most liberal payout rates, use helpful bonuses and benefits the loyalty program provides, and play skillfully on your way to jackpots.

A journey with the deities

7 Gods Casino stands out from the very start of your gambling and you will definitely remember it among others. The idea is to immerse gamblers in the world of ancient deities while still providing all the advantages of a diverse loyalty program. Every gambler will be followed by seven gods of a pantheon, which you may choose on your own among the existing seven. Each clan offers a distinctive monthly compensatory reward for active playing. Players are supposed to choose a clan depending on which of them would provide the most beneficial reward according to the gambling manner.

However, even though such a loyalty program is the way of gamification and improved engagement of players, you do not need much time to understand how the system works. You can pay no attention to the gods at all and gamble, regularly receiving your reward. Although, it is more enjoyable to take advantage of every 7 Gods Casino feature.

Benefits to enjoy

The amount of your regular compensatory reward depends on your level of the VIP ladder. To proceed to the next levels you have to gain enough Powerpoints, by placing bets in games. The higher your level, the bigger the amount of reward you are going to get monthly. However, your benefits from the points do not stop there. Powerpoints can be exchanged for additional bonuses, like money, free spins, or treasure boxes with gifts for you. For that, you should visit Powershop in your personal account.

To get the most 7 Gods Casino is able to provide, take advantage of existing bonuses at the time. Welcome bonus of the casino is the most generous, offering up to $440 and 77 free spins. It is divided into four parts for your first four deposits, and you can increase the deposited amount by up to 100%. That would give a boost to your gambling.

Apart from that, Thunderstorm Bonus is going to gift you an additional 77% of your deposit, made on Thursday. The story behind the bonus relates to the Thursday to be considered the day of thunder gods in all ancient mythologies. And so, being useful, the bonus still reminds us what casino you are playing at. Even though rewards are no-doubt helpful, notice wagering requirements and time limits in terms and conditions to know what you agree to. Remember, you can win here anyway, benefiting from the bonus and not.

What wins to expect

Even though slots and the majority of other games are based on a chance only, you can always see in the recent winners list how possible it is to win. Of course, nobody can guarantee you are going to win the same amount in the same game, but the list right on the casino page may be useful. Watch for the game most likely to give the wins. The fact says that the game has a liberal payout percentage and the possibility to get a winning combination there is relatively high. However, do not think there is some frequency of hitting wins: it is still the game of luck and you can get the desired combination right after somebody have won a huge amount in the same game. And to encourage you, we must say that the biggest monthly winnings were reaching $9,000 with the deposit of only $100. The advice here is to play wisely and skillfully.

By the way, you could probably guess the highest chances to win are awaiting in the skill-related games, like poker or blackjack. And it is a huge advantage, 7 Gods Casino provides a wide range of games, so you can always find the one, which will gift you with hefty wins. Try out video poker as well, as this type of games has probably one of the highest payout rates. Discover what the casino has for you!

Payments operation

Continuing to speak about winnings, we could not say anything about the cashout. Fortunately, 7 Gods Casino supports the most frequently-used payment systems, including Skrill, Neteller, and banking methods like Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer. In the first case, your payments will be operated within a few moments, whether you deposit or withdraw money. In the second case, expect a delay of up to 5 days, which is quite usual for banking payments.

The sweet thing to add here is that 7 Gods Casino does not charge any hidden fees (but still notice payment system’s commision). The casino also protects players' money and personal data, using modern encryption methods. The support team is there for you around the clock, the assistance is available in 8 languages. They also check all the payments and accounts for the matter of wrongdoings. Be understanding if you are asked for additional actions to prove your identity: it is for your safety.

Bottom line

7 Gods Casino is definitely one of the most noticeable casinos due to its outstanding idea. However, its value is measured by the provided bonuses, a wide range of games, and fair chances to win. You need to try out the games on your own and select one, which will have the highest payout rates and which one you will like the most. Take advantage of the loyalty program and bonuses to boost your deposit and chances to win. Or do not leave things to chance and show your skills where it is possible. Good luck in gambling!

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