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Dragonz slot game review: 


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly around with fire-breathing dragons while you’re coining it at the same time? Wonder no more, because Microgaming Casinos bring you Dragonz slot at the tip of your fingers. You can play it on your Desktop, and the fun doesn’t have to stop when you are on the move: you can play it from your mobile device as well.

Microgaming powers this amazing slot with four flaming wild features. Dragonz has 5×3 reels, 243 ways to win, great wild features and exceptional graphics crafted in 3D with a beautifully composed musical score.

Dragonz introduces the new Wild Deal™ feature where a non-winning wild landing on reel 3 will randomly distribute an extra wild onto the reels to give you a guaranteed win in the base game. You will get acquainted with the charismatic dragons of the slot who have different and interesting personalities and will engage with you throughout the game.

When you land 3 or more scatters on the reels, it will trigger Free Spins which come with one of four great features. On the 12th Free Spins trigger, your player choice will be unlocked and you can choose between the Flint Free Spins with Flaming Wilds™, Switch Free Spins with Stashed Wilds™, Frost Free Spins with Frosty Wilds™ or Gobble Free Spins with Winning Wilds™.


When you choose the Flint Free Spins, you will play with Flaming Wilds™ and Flint the dragon can randomly fire wilds onto the reels and shoot an increasing number of wilds each time he fires.

Playing with Switch Free Spins triggers the Stashed Wilds™, where Switch the dragon stores non-winning wild symbols. When 3 or more wilds have been collected, the wilds will be randomly distributed to form a guaranteed win. Free Spins will continue until all wilds have been awarded.

The Frosty Free Spins trigger the chilling Frosty Wilds™. Frost the icy dragon freezes non-winning wild symbols in place until they contribute to a win. And, the Free Spins will continue until no frozen wilds remain on the reels.

Choosing Gobble Free Spins will trigger the Winning Wilds™. Gobble the dragon can randomly spit wilds onto the reels. Winning Wilds™ are active until they no longer contribute to a win.

All four amazing features will boost your chances of winning bigger! You can also make use of the auto-play feature which will allow you to keep the reels spinning while you are busy with other things.

The amazing dragons will capture you with their charming personalities, and you will surely adopt one of them. The switch is always ready for action; Frost will give you goosebumps with her sparkling icebergs and glaciers; Flint the wing leader will keep you warm with fire-breathing, and the adorable Gobble with capture you with cuteness and cheekiness.


Play Dragonz slot with a minimum of 0,05 coins and stand a chance to win up to 107,500 coins! Go ahead and play with these magnificent dragons and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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